Honey and hive products exhibition

The largest gathering of honey companies , hive products and beekeepers from Egypt to present their products and offer discounts and tasting campaigns to visitors.

Beekeeping, honey production and packaging exhibition

A special exhibition for companies in the field of production requirements and packing machines in the field of honey and bee products.

Young Beekeeper Program

A simplified course to explain the basics of bee keeping and the production of honey in a small apiary a to teach youth how to deal with bees and differentiate between the queen and the female workers and how to wear clothes for working with bees through professional trainers accredited by the Arab Beekeepers Union

Recreational activities

  • Multiple games and activities for children, such as screening movies about bees, and exercising with coaches.

  • Contests and daily valuable prizes of bee products

  • Artistic and musical performances at the festival theater

Scientific and marketing lectures and workshops for beekeepers

  • Field training on the latest developments in the field of honey bee breeding and honey production

  • Workshops for beekeepers to learn the most important methods and steps for developing effective marketing plans for their products to help them open wider areas for them in the market.

Interactive activities for the audience

  • Permanent performances on stage to interact with the audience, such as zumba, and to provide recipes for honey and bee products by professional chefs.

  • Contests for the audience on the stage “Fatter and Honey”.

  • Sports competitions for the public.