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About Arab Beekeepers Union

 Founded in February 1994 in the Arab Republic of Egypt under the supervision of the Organization of Agricultural Development and included in its membership most Arab countries. Registered in 2016 as one of the working unions within the Council of Arab Economic Unity of the Arab League . The Union has various activities at the level of Member States, as well as international contributions and partnerships, as well as a number of cooperation agreements with specialized organizations in the field of honey bee breeding around the world.

About the Festival

There are Many cities allover the world celebrate annually  honey festivals, such as  California honey Festival in the United States, Streetsville honey  festival in Canada and the Russia Honey Festival. This year we will launch the first edition of the Egyptian Honey Festival as a tourist, recreational, economic, environmental and health event.  The festival aims to raise awareness about  the importance of natural bee honey and other bee products as an important food for the whole family and a stimulant for natural immunity and supportive of good health and child growth .We are  seeking to raise the annual consumption rate of  honey  for Egyptian and Arab citizens,  which recorded by 100 gm annually Unlike the European citizen whose rate of consumption  exceeded 2 kg per year.

Raising awareness will lead to increased demand for bee products. Which will open up new opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of beekeeping. As Egypt is considered one of the few countries capable of beekeeping throughout the year, which qualifies this activity to be a significant investment area reflected positively on the economy and environment at the same time, as the bee is the element of the environment can not be replaced for its primary role in pollination of flowers and increase agricultural production. Einstein pointed to the importance of the bee, saying: “If the bee disappeared from the globe, the human life will last for more than four years.”

Festival Goals

  • Direct communication between honey producers and consumers
  • Raise awareness of the importance of honey and therapeutic food and make it a major component of daily meals
  • Opening new marketing and export opportunities for producers
  • Highlight one of the most promising economic activities
  • Educating young people about the honey bee industry and its economic feasibility
  • The acquaintance of honey producers to create opportunities for mutual cooperation


o Exhibition for all honey bee producers and derivatives

Special discounts , offers and tasting campaigns

o Exhibition of Arabian Honey

dedicated to exhibitors from the Arab countries specialized in the production of distinctive types of honey

o Recreational activities

Train, games and multiple activities for children

Contests and daily valuable prizes of bee products

Artistic and musical performances at the festival theater

o Beekeeping, honey production and packaging exhibition

o Workshops

Field training on the basics of honey bee breeding

Young beekeepers program

o Financing programs from Egyptian banks


Young Beekeeper Program

A simplified course for a full day to explain the basics of bee keeping and the production of honey in a small apiary a to teach youth how to deal with bees and differentiate between the queen and the female workers and how to wear clothes for working with bees through professional trainers  accredited by the Arab Beekeepers Union

النحال الصغير

Financing Program

Egyptian banks will offer soft loans to young people who want to

Work in the bees sector as a kind of support and guarantee to

the continuity of this sector, as considered one of the most important activities

Through the educate of youth

The honey bees industry and its economic returns


Merryland Park, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

One of the oldest and most beautiful gardens in Cairo

Which has a unique location in the heart of Heliopolis, which is easy to reach making it a perfect place for the festival

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